Mission of AANP

The Society aims to become the recognized forum to foster ongoing local and international collaboration on education with the intent to advance the treatment of all aspects of mood disorder and psychotic illnesses, particularly schizophrenia and to improve outcomes and quality of life for those suffer from psychiatric illness and their carers or family members.

Invitation to the First AANP Conference 2018

We are very pleased to announce that the Asian Association of Neuropsychopharmacology (AANP) will hold the 1st Regional Conference in Sheraton Hong Kong & Towers, Tsimshatsui on from 21 – 23 September. World-leading experts will be invited to exchange and share their unique experience and expertise on cutting-edge clinical topics in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of all aspects of mood disorder and psychotic illnesses, with main theme put on “Rational Clinical Practice in Neuropsychopharmacology”.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the conference!

For further information, please feel free to contact our Meeting Secretariat at (852) 6385 4845.

Best wishes

Dr. Mak Ki-yan
Chairman, Organizing Committee
Asian Association of Neuropsychopharmacology (AANP)

Meeting Committee

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: Prof. Daniel Mak
Co-chairman: Dr. Chun Lam, Dr. Sai-On Law
Hon. Secretary: Dr. Michael Wong
Hon. Treasurer: Dr. Shiu-Kow Sham

Scientific Programme:

Chairman: Dr. Chun Lam
Co-chairman: Dr. Eric Cheung
Members: Dr. Albert Chung, Dr Chi Keung Wong, Dr. Marco Lam

Social Programme:

Chairman: Dr. Sai On Law
Co-chairman: Dr. Eric Lai
Members: Dr. Queenie Wong, Dr. Jackie Chi-Kin Fu, Dr. Kwok-Leung Au Yeung

Financial Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Michael Wong (SABAD)
Co-chairman: Dr. Shiu-Kow Sham
Members: Dr. Sai-On Law, Dr. Vanessa Wong


Best Solution Co. Ltd.

International Advisors:

Prof M. Berk, Prof. R McIntyre, Prof. A. Young

Regional Advisors:

Prof. Jianlin Ji (China), Prof. M.S. Reddy (India), Prof. Nurmiati Amir (Indonesia),
Prof. Marga M. Maramis (Indonesia), Prof. Won-Myong Bahk (Korea),
Prof. Duk-In Jon (Korea), Prof. Thambu Maniam (Malaysia),
Prof. Paul Lee (Philippines), Prof. Lee Cheng (Singapore), Prof. Yuan-Hwa Chou (Taiwan),
Prof. Ronnachai Kongsakon (Thailand), Prof. Pichet Udomratn (Thailand)